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I offer Spanish and English classes online and face-to-face as well as training and coaching for educators. I've been in the field of language education for over three decades. I founded the Creative Learning Center for Professional Development in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the late 1990’s before moving to the United States in 2002. Since early on in my career, I've been committed to the development of creative materials and supportive learning environments to make language acquisition meaningful, appealing, and effective. One of my passions is to help my colleagues find or rediscover their creative genius, and see them develop as more engaged and resourceful professionals.

Founder, Educational Consultant & Coach

My Services


  • General English and business English focusing on communication for the real world.
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • IELTS and TOEFL exams preparation
  • One-on-one and group classes – in person (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA) or online (via Skype)

All levels of proficiency


  • General Spanish for travel, for business, and for fun.
  • Academic Spanish: all levels of school and college Spanish
  • Essay Writing, Advanced Conversation
  • Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies
  • One-on-one and group classes – in person (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA) or online (via Skype)

All levels of proficiency


  • One-on-one sessions to help you connect with yourself, reflect, and pause. Mindfulness practice has been shown to assist in the management of stress both in the professional and personal areas of our life. Offer: Try a free 20 min. session via Skype!


These workshops are tailored to the needs of the participants. A plethora of topics to choose from! Find detailed descriptions and videos under ``Workshops`` and ``News``.

I was lucky enough to have had Monica Mulholland as a fellow trainee at a teacher training course at Pilgrims in Canterbury last summer. In class, she was always humble and unobtrusive. However, I discovered soon enough what an abundance of
Last August, I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Monica Mulholland in a summer course at Pilgrims, Canterbury. Needless to say that she is a knowledgeable, talented professional but, on top of that, she is also an incredibly charming, thoughtful
_Juan J. Lago-Leis,English teacher at the EOI de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
It has been a pleasure to participate in the Creativity Workshop led by Dr. Monica Mulholland. It took place in Bayamo, Cuba. It was a valuable training full of work and activities that kept us motivated all the time. Her teaching style
_Helga María Pérez Solo,English teacher at Universidad de Granma, Bayamo, Cuba
Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Dr. Monica Mulholland. It was on Teaching Languages Through Creativity, Drama Techniques, the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Brain-Based Education. It took place in Bayamo, Cuba, during
_Aylén Ladrón de Guevara Barrueco,English and French teacher at School of Hostelry, Bayamo, Cuba
A few weeks ago Dr. Mulholland visited our school to lead a professional development for parents and teachers of Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala. It was by far one of the best and most useful trainings our school has ever organized.
_Evan D. Hunt,General Director at Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala
Interamericano is a Pre-Kinder to 12th grade bilingual school in Guatemala. Dr. Mulholland came for two days to present workshops on The Art of Teaching and Learning for our teachers and on Creatividad y Uso Óptimo del Cerebro for our
_Victoria Pira de Quiñonez,Directora Técnica at Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala
Dr. Monica Mulholland visited our institute in Argentina to lead a professional development with teachers of English. It was an inspiring session in which we experienced different creative and motivating ideas to use with our students. It is always a
_Macarena Coll,Creative Learning Institute
Prof. Mulholland is seriously awesome. I was nervous for an online Spanish class but she kept it organized and was always there to support you. She genuinely just wants you to learn and will work with you to make it
_George Mason University student,
I was so worried about taking this class in the beginning, but the professor is so sweet and helpful. She is so lovely! She makes teaching very entertaining! She has a great passion for teaching and she will help you
_George Mason University student,
Prof. Mulholland clearly communicated language concepts in a way that I was finally able to understand them. Her encouragement to speak even if it wasn’t all “correct” helped to me to make new connections, speak more confidently, and improve through
_Catholic University Student,
30Years Of Experience
1000Satisfied students of English & Spanish
200Presentations and training sessions

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